About Us

Photon Fire provides New Product Development of Electronics and Software technologies to businesses.

Our Business

It became obvious to the founders of Photon Fire that the continued integration of sensors and instrumentation companies in to just a few big multinationals was limiting industry’s ability to develop new products.

Photon Fire was founded by a team of technologists and business people, with the express intention of doing what we enjoy: developing new technology.

Modern companies don’t have the space for large, wide-ranging Engineering departments. We now work across all industrial sectors, developing new electronics and sensors for businesses who need the product but not the overhead.

Photon Fire also makes and supports its own range of sensor products for specific markets.

Photon Fire is particularly proud to work,closely with the North of England’s Offshore and Energy sector in the development of Electronics, Sensors and Communications systems.

Who We Are

The company’s Directors are Technologists first; Chartered Engineers and Physicists but with a strong commercial background too.

Because we are Technologists, we understand the problems, pitfalls and joy of new product development.

Our company name derives from our first product: an optical fibre sensor for fire detection.