New Product Development

Photon Fire’s expertise is the development of new electronics products for the Industrial sectors.



Photon Fire’s team has worked in many different areas including: Offshore, Energy, Defence, Fire & Security and Industrial Controls.

Photon’s team collectively has over a century of experience of the technical and commercial process of New Product Development (NPD).

We have excellent contacts with public and private research facilities and we can offer an end-to-end service for technology transfer from Universities and Research Institutions to the real-world.

We develop bright ideas, can negotiate intellectual property deals and design the product to a client’s specification.

We can also organise and manage the production for you, delivering a badged, approved product to your door.

Where we step in to the Innovation Pipeline is up to you, we are flexible enough to meet your needs.

Recent Projects:

  • Airborne Particle detection.
  • Asbestos Sensor.
  • Pressure Monitors.
  • Offshore / Subsea asset monitoring.
  • Distributed Temperature Measurement.
  • Strain sensing, distributed and discrete.
  • Structural Integrity Monitoring.
  • Sub-sea instrumentation.
  • Sub-sea communications.
  • Innovative Fire-alarm design.